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danguyf's Journal

Six word biography:
It was easier than I expected.

Six word tagline:
Successfully avoiding death since nineteen seventy-eight!


Daniel Guy F.
One who is much delighted with being in good company
Born 1978 in Durham
& has died Several times Since

100 bullets, 1984, a brave new world, adult swim, advertising, adverts, aimee mann, alan moore, alan rickman, ani difranco, anime, arrested development, ben folds five, beth trott, bill hicks, blade runner, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, bulworth, caitlin kiernan, cheese quesadillas, china mieville, chuck palahniuk, computers, conventions, copyediting, cracking joints, cuddling, cultural anthropology, dave mckean, dave sim, discordianism, donnie darko, douglas coupland, dune, eddie izzard, editing, emma bull, fairy tales, family guy, fantasy, fight club, firefly, francesca lia block, frank herbert, freaks, geek chic, geeks, get fuzzy, good omens, graphic novels, groucho marxism, harlan ellison, house of leaves, interesting people, invader zim, isaac asimov, jill thompson, joss whedon, karen berger, kids in the hall, klf, knife throwing, linguistics, lisa snellings-clark, lojo russo, lorraine a' malena, lost, manga, marx brothers, mcsweeney's, monty python, movies, moxy früvous, mythology, neil gaiman, nfp, nightmare before christmas, obfuscation, obsessive cleaning, oingo boingo, penny arcade, pi, pop culture, pop will eat itself, proofreading, ranma 1/2, reading, robert anton wilson, run lola run, sandman, science fiction, science fiction conventions, sf, shakespeare, sleeping in, socially networked extropy, sofia coppola, south park, speculative fiction, stand-up comedy, stowing away, superheroes, the daily show, the endless, the illuminati, the professional, the secret history, the superhero as metaphor, they might be giants, thrift stores, tim burton, todd klein, tori amos, train hopping, transmetropolitan, useless information, useless knowledge, walking on unused traintracks, warren ellis, web development, wes anderson, william gibson, world domination, writing