Dan (danguyf) wrote,

Notes for Next Weekend


My plan is to cut a hole in the wall of the basement, install a door, and then start digging steps (with a side ramp) down into the Earth. I figure I'll go down forty feet or so, then level off and start digging tunnels and chambers. I want to have a whole network down there. It'll take years, I'm sure. I need to do more research into how to brace the walls and ceiling -- I'd like to cement things rather than using lumber -- and ventilation. I'm going to need to buy a jackhammer, and possibly a winch. Planning ahead with respect to how the dirt will be removed is crucial. Max wants to get a mining car, lay tracks, and use the winch to pull it up and out; while that sounds like the most efficient method, it also sounds a little pricey. It sounds like the most fun, though, so maybe it's worth it. I need to find out if there's something I could rent to probe the ground, like sonar, for existing caverns; Virginia has a lot, but they're mostly to the West. I know nothing about earth/soil/rock dynamics -- I should probably do a little more research there, too. And I'll have to clean the basement first. I should probably clean out the garage while I'm at it, too.
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