Dan (danguyf) wrote,

various sundry matters

[1] Happy pi day. Embrace your inner radians, that your joy may be fully round.

[2] Given a Saturday mercifully free from the need to run errands or do yard work, I will quite happily spend the entire day in my pajamas. Lori dislikes this, feeling that regardless of whether you plan to leave the house you should shower and dress.
    During the week, I arise and leave for work before anyone else is awake. Upon returning home the first thing I do is go upstairs and change back into my pajamas, happy to get out of the constricting monkeysuit that I choose to wear professionally.
    It occured to me yesterday that during the regular week Lori barely sees me out of my pajamas. To all appearances, from her perspective, I may well wear them to work every day.

[3] I sent in a proposal this morning for an ARG promotional campaign for a book coming out this fall. I am extremely pleased with it. I hope the author greenlights it, and I hope the publisher will cooperate. That said, I'm terrified that they'll go for it and then I'll have to actually do it justice.

[4] Someone sent me the soundtrack to Once, presumably for my birthday. There was no note, nor receipt, nor any other way to identify the sender. If it was you, thank you.

[5] I still need someone to liase famous, fabulous artist John Jude Palencar at Balticon 42 at the end of May. I've spoken with him on the phone and he is very friendly.
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