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Item, the first :: My six word memoir has been included in a newly-published book. It's not much, but it's a start. By some coincidence, they printed it in the very same font that I used when it was the splash page on my website in 1999. Something about potential death just screams "dirty Courier", apparently.

Item, the second :: I received my first rejection email the other day. I scanned it quickly and told Lori it was the good kind. "They say they liked your story but it's not right for them?", she asked. "No", I said, "they didn't even try to spare my feelings. They say it's a terrible story that doesn't work. Then they say why and invite me to submit something else."

Item, the third :: I don't want to get political, but I have to express just how happy this political season is making me. There's a sentiment I never thought I would express; that in itself is miraculous. I'm taking off the heavy armor of cynicism and daring to hope. I am so happy to be rooting for someone -- despite some potentially serious differences of opinion -- rather than choosing the least disagreeable candidate. I am so sick of being told why others are evil; it's so nice to instead be told why we are all capable of greatness. I don't even care about the issues anymore; I want to be inspired to effect change, to greatness. I want someone I can trust to be principled, even if those principles differ from my own in many respects.
      This primary season, so far, has been a healing thing for me. There are people whom I love whose politics I've had to ignore, and it's always been a sore spot for me. And now they're all making these impassioned, eloquent posts about change and hope, and I realize just how much we have in common. And it's better that way. Other politicians have talked about being uniters, but for the first time I feel united. And that's a miracle. And even if it doesn't last for the next 4-8 years, my eyes have still be opened and change has been effected in me.

Item, the fourth :: There is no cake, no spoon, and no fourth item.
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