Dan (danguyf) wrote,

We're Looking for a Few Good Liasons

I, the Guest of Honor Chair for Balticon 42, am looking for volunteers to liase Connie Willis, artist John Jude Palencar, Naomi Novik, filk group Urban Tapestry, a mystery first time author, and the ghost of Douglas Adams.

I tried not to go the open call route, but asking people personally and then having to wait for a reply that, in many cases, has never come is growing increasingly sub-optimal as the big weekend draws nearer.

It's in Baltimore, MD. It's way too much fun. You get free entry, a shirt, and a spot to sleep like a sardine in the Berkerker's Lounge. (I would recommend making your own arrangements.) Oh, and you get to hang out with me and various reknowned persons.

If you're willing and able, and I really hope some of you are, reply or email me!
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