Dan (danguyf) wrote,

Balticon 42

This year, it was a lot easier to be the Guest of Honor Coordinator. This year I brought in people from outside that I could trust. randimason liaised Connie Willis. wilhelmina_d liaised naominovik (and, by extension, her friend claudiagray). tesla_aldrich liaised John Jude Palencar. notshakespeare liaised Mark L. Van Name. gorgeousgary (the lone BSFS member) liaised Urban Tapestry (allisona, jodimuse, and ohiblather). And last but not least, Adrienne Reynolds liaised the Ghost of Honor, Douglas Adams. (If you think that was the easiest job, you're wrong.) They were all amazing: able, organized, and entertaining. They took such good care of their guests, in fact, that, unbeknownst to them, I snuck back to bed Sunday afternoon and took a nice nap.

The con was marked by serendipitous occasions all around, from running into Collette exactly when I needed to see her to Tesla turning out to be the best suited of all of us to liaise John. (I just received a gushing email from him; he had a great time.) Of course, all of that serenditpity would have meant nothing if not for the hard work and planning of Sue and daecabhir.

I got to pick Connie Willis up at the airport, hang out with her at the library, take her to dinner, take her to lunch, sit in on several excellent panels and talks including/by her, and finally take her back to the airport. She's really fun and nice and cool. The other guests were awesome too, but I didn't get to spend nearly as much time with them. As far as I know they all left happy.

I think that, had I discovered cons and fandom some time around middle school, I would have found my confidence and my sense of self a lot sooner. I also wonder if I wouldn't have grown into a very different person, though, so it may be for the best that I did not. Some of these people (guests and attendees both) are my tribe. Others of them are why, next year, I will implement a new policy whereby GoH liaisons will carry Nerf guns with which to thwack "enthousiastic" attendees who forget that we are there to hear the GoH and not to hear them ramble at length about unrelated matters or hear them ask a twelve part "question" that is really a string of assertions and the insistence that the GoH agree.
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