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forty-eight hours

Saturday morning Xander woke up complaining about his eye. He couldn't open it, he said. I pried it open and he said the light hurt it. It wasn't pink so I thought maybe he had a sinus headache. By 7pm it had puffed up all purple like a black eye. I tried to take him to urgent care but they were closed, and he fell asleep, so I decided to wait until morning.

Christmas Problems

Sunday he got me up at 2am crying about the pain. I took him to the ER. The doctor barely tried to pry the eye open to look at it, said it was pink eye that had migrated to the socket, wrote him a prescription for anti-biotics and Tylenol with Codeine, and sent us home.

He seemed fine in the morning, but by 2pm he was in agony again. I gave him the Tylenol and took him to the urgent care. The nurse and doctor were nice enough to come out and look at him without admitting him, took one look, and said to get him back to the ER ASAP. Something was said about infection and pressure and the damaging effects of it cutting off the blood supply to the eye.

Back to the ER we went. This time the doctors and nurses freaked out. They started him on IV antibiotics, drew blood, and did some CT scans.


checking out his scans

The phrase "orbital cellulitis" was bandied about. The possibility of surgery was raised. About six hours later they decided to have him transported to another hospital with pediatric specialists and much nicer rooms. Finding a spare ambulance took another few hours.

He and I arrived at the new hospital in the wee hours of Monday. Once here they installed him in his room, asked a lot of questions, and said he might have surgery later in the day. If so, he'll be here a few days. If not, he may still be here a few days. They're giving him a constant drip of IV antibiotics and I'm not seeing a change yet. I know oral antibiotics take about 72 hours to manifest change, but these are much stronger so I'm not sure how long they should take. He's only been on them 16 hours or so thus far, I suppose.

the eye

Today the two specialists are supposed to take a look at his test results and scans. Surgery seems likely, but maybe that's just me. Seems like you either wait a day to see if the antibiotics are working and then do surgery if they aren't, or play it safe and just go straight to surgery now. If there's pressure and it's not draining on its own, you need to drain it.

The TV in the room is one of those hospital network set-top boxes things. It was broken in several ways, and unusable, so I fixed it. Alas, no Cartoon Network. Apparently they have video game systems they can wheel in, though. (I wonder if this hospital is a Child's Play beneficiary?)

UPDATE: His optic nerve is fine. His brain is fine. His vision seems fine. The swelling is going down. They're giving him stuff to help his sinuses to drain. We're definitely not leaving before Wednesday, and chances are we'll be here a whole week.
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What a way to spend the holidays! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Xander!
Thank you!
Break my heart why don't you. I kid, I kid -- best wishes to you all for his speedy recovery. Make sure to save these pictures so that he can get badass points for telling all his friends when he's older that he got in a fist fight with a Junior Football League champion and took him down. He's still freaking adorable even with the WWE look.
"orbital cellulitis" is a fancy phrase for some kind of infection in the eye we haven't identified. Doctors hate to say, "I don't know," even when they don't. Many also hate not knowing.

Thoughts and prayers with you both. I hope he handles his misery well, and you, too. Having done the 24/7 with the kid in the hospital, I know how hard it is on both parent and child.
This sounds scary! Best wishes to you and your kid and the rest of the family!
Thank you.
Our prayers are with you all. How're mom & sib taking it?

And in all fairness to the docs, if they've diagnoses as cellulitis this does not mean they don't know what it is; they may not have cultured the specific bug yet, but they do know where the bug is living, how it is likely to progress, and what has been effective in stopping similar bugs in the past. This is quite useful knowledge.

who nearly lost a leg to cellulitis, and who was allergic to his first IV antibiotic
Thank you.

Mom is sleepless and siblings are concerned about delaying Christmas morning. The specialists showed up and said that everything is under control and looking good and undamaged and that surgery shouldn't be necessary, so Mom is happier now.

The doctors seem to have a good handle on things. Way better than the ER doc who sent us home the first time.
dude! im so sorry! that totally sucks. and i really dont know what to say. if you send me your snailmail and ill send him something in the mail so he has it when he gets home:) what does he like?
That's really sweet! He like Pokemon and robots.

Xander, Robot Fighter
4 Oleander Dr.
Stafford, VA 22554
Poor guy! I'm hoping the antibiotics clear it up, or that surgery goes easily. Hugs to you and him and the rest of your family. Not a fun way to be spending Christmas.
So far things are going as well as can be. No damage or losses, no surgery planned.
Oh how horrible! Poor guy, is he taking it okay?
Yah, now that the pain is relieved he's doing fine.

Deleted comment

Not the plan, but we'll just postpone Christmas a few days.
You and your little one will be in my thoughts. I hope he gets better quickly.
Thank you! So far so good.
Loads of hugs to Xander-I hope he is better soon!
Lots of hugs indeed. Last night he was acting like he thought he might die and was saying his goodbyes. Poor X.
Best wishes for your youngin and you. Let us know how it goes.
I'll post an update in a few minutes!
Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I know seeing him in such pain has been hard on all of you.

I just came back after seeing my father in isolation, due to an infection to his intestines. He'll was being treated for it with antibiotics and after a week had to be admitted, when it didn't get better. My hands need lotion with all the hand washing needed.

Yikes! I bet.

Deleted comment

Quick would be nice! We're probably here until at least Wednesday.
Poor little mite! And poor parents too! what a way to spend the holidays!
To think that I just dropped by to wish you a great time.
Now my wish will go for a prompt recovery for Xander, and peace for the whole of your family.
Thank you!
I've never believed in an interventionist God (which is not to say I think faith and prayer are useless: I think that through prayer one can touch the divine THEMSELVES and draw strength or insight.) That said, you have my deepest hopes and focused will for whatever that is worth *half-smile* Also if any opportunity for wishing happens to come up in the next few days I'll work out a carefully phrased one for Xander!
That is delightfully precise and caveated. ^_^


9 years ago

how sad and scary :(

I hope everything turns out alright, and maybe he'll write this off in memory as another good holiday
Hopefully the presents will overshadow all of this in memory. ^_^
Yikes! I come home from a heart-attack day to see you're a having heart-attack weekend. Poor Xander! (and poor parents!) My thoughts are with all of you, and I hope the little Robot Fighter makes a fast recovery.

And tell him the proper reply to "what happened to you" when people see his swollen eye is "oh, but you should see the other guy!"

Now I have to go to your lj and see what's going on in your neck of the words.
HOLY COW! Those photos! I'm so glad to read this post ETA, and learn he is doing better. This will be a Christmas to remember! Good for you for getting him treatment, repeatedly, right away. All the best to all of you.

(As a parent-to-be I read this and gulp, "Parenthood is sometimes like this..." You serve as a good reminder and role model.)
We've been at the ER three of the last six Christmas Eves. Xander is usually the culprit; he has a knack.

While worrisome, stuff like this is pretty easy to get through.
Oh, my goodness...I hope the young man makes a fast recovery! Those pictures are enough to frighten any parent; it's a good thing the prognosis appears to be improving as time goes on.

Thank you!
Thanks for the update. It is good news but I am sure you'd all prefer to be at home and safe.
Keeping prayers for Xander.
Thank you!
well i'm glad to hear that things seem to be looking up, I hope his eye is fine and that you both had a wonderful merry christmas, even if you celebrated a little later.

We got home yesterday, at last, and celebrated Christmas from 9pm to 2am last night. LOL
I'm way behind on my friends list, as usual. Hoping that this has cleared up by now, and that he's okay.
Yah, he's all better now. He had the PICC line removed on Friday so he's au naturel again.

Rubius here


9 years ago

Good golly, I should check your blog more often, I had no idea. Poor little guy! I'm glad to hear he's on the mend. *hugs*
He told his classmates all of the gruesome details yesterday, so I think he's back to normal.