Dan (danguyf) wrote,

what we need here is a globe-spanning heliowebber

randimason: You heard that Sears is bringing back the Wish Book?
danguyf: Wish Book?
danguyf: Is that one of those pioneer era Sears-Roebuck things?
randimason: Yes.
randimason: If you were a kid in the 1970s, it was where you picked out your toys for Christmas
danguyf: That sounds very limiting. ^_^
randimason: 80s too, I though, but perhaps not
danguyf: I mean, if the horses have to cart these things all the way from NY to Utah, you know they can't make them *too* heavy.
danguyf: The Pony Express' prices have gone up a whole nickel!
danguyf: Better to deliver them by auto-gyro whirly-copter, or maybe that newfangled Western Union teletype ticker thing.
randimason: "The Sears Wishbook is a very popular Christmas-themed catalog that is released by Sears Holdings Corporation every September, and contains toys and other holiday–related merchandise. The wishbook began production in the 1970s, and was entitled Sears Christmas Wishbook from 1976 to 1987. It was then retitled to Sears Wishbook: Holiday 1987 and remained as such until 2006, when it is to be renamed Sears Christmas Wishbook. The wishbook is sent out free of charge to many American postal addresses. In Canada, a similar wishbook is sent to all Canadians for Christmas."
danguyf: If only someone would developed a distributed network capable of showing people pictograms of products, some sort of remote heliotype machine.
randimason: You....
randimason: argh.
randimason: *bangs head*
randimason: Whippersnapper
danguyf: In fact, you could link them all together in a sort of wide "web" that spanned the "world". They could call it "the heliowebber".
danguyf: And then people could even place their orders "on-webber" by ringing up the central operator, and inserting their money into pneumatic tubes.
danguyf: But, alas, such a thing does not yet exist in our time, so we'll just have to keep on logging and printing Wish Books, though they may also be used as kindling -- let's see your steam-powered heliowebber do THAT!
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